Design Philosophy...

elegant, simple websites

More is not always better. Foothills designs sites that are simple, clean, user-friendly - and very effective.
Simple pages are easier to navigate, faster to load, and less likely to irritate the visitor. The typical site visitor is looking for information about your business, organization, products or services. He or she is not usually interested in complex web graphics. Like a fine set of clothes, your website should draw attention to your business, not to itself.

User Friendliness.
The site visitor shouldn't have to think too much about how to find what he or she is looking for on the website. The important stuff should be readily apparent from the first page. Especially your phone number, business address, and email information.

Minimal Special Effects.
Many website design companies create Flash animation for their websites for the sake of Flash animation. We do not. Any animation or special effects you see on our websites has to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the website in promoting your business or organization.

Foothills websites are designed to work smoothly on a wide variety of screens, using the most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox. Sometimes a download or plug-in may be required, but you'll probably already have them: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft Silverlight are the only plug-in's our sites ever need.

For a better understanding of our design philosophy, refer to Steve Krug's classic book, Don't Make Me Think.

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